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Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering about fanfic writers who have stuff published.  I know that Xanthe has a published book, so does Keira Marcos.  Seanan McGuire has lots of stuff published, and she was/is a fanfic writer as well (although I'm not positive what the fandom was).  Do y'all know of other fanfic authors who've published books?  I might just find some new stuff to read, even though I have an enormous stack already.  You can't have too many books after all.
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The conversation in Gaelic at the end of Outlander's finale between Jamie and Murtaugh was niggling at me, and I finally found a translation:

J: "How can I be left to this pain?"
M: "We shall do our utmost to heal you."
J: "Some things don’t take healing. As is my desire, put an end to this now."
M: " I’ll suffer no more of this."
J: "I won’t get past this. Will you force me to beg?"
M: "I gave a promise to your mother - peace on her soul - that no harm would come to you."
J: "Late is the hour, oh godfather."
M: "And Claire? Would she just be a widow, forsaken? Your head’s in the porridge (you’re not thinking straight). You haven’t a single thought for her."
J: "I haven’t a single thought of anything but her."

- Jamie & Murtagh, Outlander 1x16. 😭
[translated in english by]

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ARGHH!!!! lajflfjlfja;;fjiloj!

I cannot wait for a whole week to see the next episode of Outlander.  I just can't.

The Watch

May. 2nd, 2015 11:55 pm
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Oh my gosh I hate cliffhangers!  And I'm a bit twitchy about the upcoming episodes -  should be interesting to see how they approach this.  I was interested to note one of the changes they made in this ep from the book; in the book they have the pregnancy discussion in front of Ian and Jamie instead of off by themselves.  I can see why they needed to make changes to all that though.. they couldn't have approached the following scenes in the book the same way.

Eee!  Nervous for the next eps.
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Read this hilarious line in a McShep AU today and it made me lol:

He has a crush. He has a big, ridiculous, hairy crush on the delivery guy – John. John the barely-clothed UPS man of doom. John the leg-flashing book handler of lewdness. John the scorching-hot, aviator-sunglasses-wearing strumpet.

Ah, I needed a good laugh today!

Ooh la la!

Apr. 25th, 2015 10:13 pm
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Jamie Frazer at the millpond... Just a few more blasted inches down, that's all I ask!   :-D

Jenny and Jamie are a match for stubbornness I do believe.
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Wow, does anyone else around here watch Outlander?  Whoa momma that love scene last night.  ::fans self::  Great episode and yays for the actress that plays Geillis. 
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Fanfic is a wonderful thing.  Where else can you read a phrase like this:

Nothing says, "I'm a free man," like a pair of slutty underwear, or so his reasoning went.

Protection by the Hoyden

Gibbs/DiNozzo, trust me, you will laugh.  Don't try to drink any hot beverages while you read this.

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Best 'someone gets turned into a cat' fic ever.  CheckmateVerse by Bead.  Every now and again I get a wild hair to reread this one.  While out on a mission through the stargate, John gets turned into a cat, and that's where the adventure begins!  If you need a smile today, this should do it.
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Blargh.  Major flooding here where I'm at!  Luckily there's no water inside the house, but I'll be staying indoors til this recedes.  There've been quite a few mudslides locally too, luckily not in my neighborhood.
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Phoenix Files by HarmMarie

I haven't yet mentioned how much I am enjoying this little series yet have I?  This is a series of short stories in which Clone!Jack has bumped into Spike and decided he still has something to contribute.  Can't wait to see what happens next!  SG1/BtVS.

Wesley is still *technically* the head of Angel Investigations, even while working for W&H.
Spike actually likes helping the helpless. And fighting demons. Can't forget that.
Jack just wants to have purpose again. To make a difference.

Together they are Phoenix Investigations.

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Something New by Threesquares (ie, Summersquares)

Love this!  Great look into a slow cracking of the shell around Gibbs' heart,  this gal sure can write the heck out of a story!

Summary:  Losing his memory, reliving his family's deaths, retiring, and returning, as well as some new arrivals in his life, have Gibbs taking a new look at his life and what he wants.  Starts in summer and ends at Christmas.


Dec. 2nd, 2014 12:12 am
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Oh my gosh, my good friend told me she wanted me to come over and do an Outlander marathon with her, she's a huge fan and thought I'd probably really like it.  We watched all of season one, and now I am hooked on a show that I don't get on my cable.  LOL  I'm gonna be lurking at her house come April when it comes back on.  And also, DAYUM, that Jamie is FINE.  That is all.  :: fans self::
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Pegasus Non Verbal by igrab

In this one, McKay is deaf and signs to communicate.  So good!  He is exactly himself, only maybe a bit more flaily.  lol

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OMG, why do I keep reading WIP's?  I must be a sucker for punishment.  I just can't 'not' know what is happening next right darn now.
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Walking on Sunshine

Also loving the humorous teamy goodness in this NCIS vid!

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Men of Devotion

So, just to round things out, a McShep vid.  I really think this vidder has a good sense of timing.  "Any Atlantis vids out there you like?

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It's All Been Done

And here's a fun Jack/Daniel vid.  I'm sure there must be some pretty kick ass stargate vids out there... rec me!

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Can't Take My Eyes off of You

This little DiNozzo/Gibbs vid make me lol!  Any fanvids out there for NCIS that you particularly like?

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