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Stay with Me by Selenic

This was kind of awesome and I loved it!  A wonderful Halloween holiday offering! 


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I just killed the better part of a Saturday because I just could not put down this story.

  First in a series to come, in Decade by Canis_Lupus   the Atlantis expedition doesn't regain contact with Earth but goes through their struggles alone, eventually coming together to form a Pegasus wide alliance.  The story begins with the Atlantians  coming to Earth to help rescue them from an imminent attack by the Wraith.  Lots of action, and more than their fair share of tension between the two groups underlying, we get to see a lot of what goes down from Jack's point of view.  It's quite lengthy, but it has a nice story conclusion that doesn't leave you feeling all cliffhangery waiting for the rest.

  I can't wait to see where she goes next with this series!
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I was perusing through the fics on the Event Horizons Season 2 challenge and decided to check out Impossible Yet Useful Numbers by Tallulah Rasa and found it completely awesome.  If you need something to read right now, hop on over and read it, you won't be sorry! 
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Go ye therefor and read These Things Happen by Tallulah Rasa, you will be glad you did!  This story was inspired by pondering upon all the little prices tags on things in a hotel room, like the TV, the hairdryer, the robes, and wondering about the peeps who take things out of the rooms.  Loved it!
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This one is under a 1000 words, but that seems to be plenty enough for this great scene!  A Jack and Tony interaction that I really enjoyed.

Conference Call by Moonbeam

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One thing I know for sure... you can't go wrong by fic from Shrift!  Give Open Doors, and Other Invitations a looksee!

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Ah, this one made me snicker, give it a go!  McShep, A team has just rescued a drugged up and loopy John, and the hijinks begin when he can't seem to stop himself from oversharing. 

Purple Haze by Lupinus67

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I was surfing aimlessly around AO3 and happened upon a wonderful story, as it goes so many times around there.  Let me share it with you!  Maybe you've read it before, it was posted years ago: Bang by Rageprufrock.  It's a McShep story,   they, along with Elizabeth are on Earth for a while debriefing and such.  John has trouble adjusting to things not opening for him and keeps concussing himself, to the point where the doc at the local hospital thinks that he is a victim of spousal abuse.  Oh my gosh, this story made me smile so much. 

Give it a read, and tell me what you think!

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Background Check by Alcimines

Here's a fun short story that mixes up SG1 and BtVS.   Hopefully she's inspired to do a few more in the same vein!

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Thanks to whoever posted the rec to Hot Potato by Auburn!  The whole fic would have been worth it just for the opening lines: 

Todd and Helia were about to probe him using cherry Popsicles, only this time Angelina Jolie was there, too, wearing a nun's habit and twisting his ear.

John woke and slapped at the pinch against his ear, swearing he wouldn't let himself fall asleep with the radio headset on again. Though he felt grateful it had interrupted before that particular dream went any further. Things always got weird beyond that point. Jell-O wrestling was one thing, but the thing with the grits? That took disturbing to a whole new level.

And the rest of it was pretty darn great too!
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Litgal has finished part three in the Not in Kansas Anymore story series with the tale Lions and Guides and Igigi, Oh My and I really enjoyed it!  This is a crossover between NCIS, Stargate Atlantis, and SG1 that has introduced a new symbiotic species called the Igigi into the mix.  This story has also dealt more with the wraith as well.  Here's her summary for the story:

With John back at the helm, Atlantis is developing into a thriving city-state. However, the Wraith are still a threat. When Todd and Michael and the other Wraith characters start making their appearances, the ability of the Igigi queen to communicate on their level changes everything. For example, other Wraith do have a name for Todd--Guide of Old. Oddly, Wraith give Colonel Sheppard the exact same name.

Another great story, you should go check it out!

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I really enjoyed this crossover of SGA and SG1, 4/5ths of a System by Litgal. 

Here's her summary: When Jack O'Neill gets called in to deal with the conflicts that exist on Atlantis after Rodney blows up 4/5ths of a system, he brings a few of his own truths with him, and that goes double for Daniel.

I love the way they all interact together to try and fix the aftermath of Doranda.  Great story!
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Bahaha!  Here's a fun one-- I was just surfing around and read Plus or Minus Eight by Vain_Glorious.  John's team visits M3X-131, and Teyla, Rodney, and 2 kitties return to Atlantis.  The ending had me in stitches!

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Yay!  Heart is finished up and Summersquares has also finished up Distress, nice long fic with so many great bits I couldn't choose what to quote!  Here's her summary...

Gibbs and Tony pay the price of a difficult case, together. Maybe it will become a habit. Maybe it will become a need. First-time fic. Slash.

If you need a good fic fix, and you like Gibbs/DiNozzo, go give this one a whirl.

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 Here's another one I'm loving!  Heart, by Summersquares.   Part 1 of 2, hopefully the rest to be posted soon, is a hurt/comfort fic that has Gibbs recovering from the aftermath of a mild heart attack with Tony's assistance.   I really love the way she writes their characters,  she really gets all the little nuances spot on in my opinion.
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 Oh my gosh have y'all read The Whole Equation by Estefee?  Darn good reading.  I'm hoping she feels inspired to write more! Here's her summary:  

Two years after being reassigned for medical reasons, Commander John Sheppard is recalled by Atlantis to be its Pilot-Captain once again. He's thrown into a political situation he really doesn't understand, Atlantis is keeping secrets from him, and—oh, yeah—his ex, Rodney McKay, really wishes he'd kiss off.

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Punk's fic "Brains" is amazing!  Even her tags are funny.


Jul. 21st, 2014 10:00 pm
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Go read  P is for Plan (And Also for Pie) by Tallulah  Rasa .  It will totally make you smile.   
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Totally enjoyed Unravelling by Summersquares. Looks like she's a new author to NCIS fic, and she does an awesome Gibbs/DiNozzo.  Really hope we see a lot more of her!
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Okay, I admit it.  I've been surfing the animal transformation tag.  I just read a little PegB series, Animalia Sequence by Leah  that is too funny.  I must have missed it way back when!  And it looks like there's a ton of PegB stories I never knew were out there.
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