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Happened upon this little Bones fic that really made me smile - anthropologically speaking by Sheafrotherdon .

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Okay just one more Wonder Woman rec and then I must away to sleep so I am not a complete zombie at work in the morning.

That Man (to me) Seems Equal to the Gods

Just the right mix of smutty and amusing, really made me smile!

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I'm sure there are a few out there who enjoyed Wonder Woman, and who also might need a fic fix about now.  I recently read Errant Heat To the Star, really well written interlude between Diana and Steve.  Go read it and tell me what you think!

Also, if you've read any that you've enjoyed, hit me up with a link!

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Post season 6, I really like this Gilmore Girls fic.  Luke and Lorelei's relationship has already gone to heck in a handbasket, but now Luke has lost another important person in his life and breaks down.  Lorelai, though hurt, can't help but be drawn to help him.

The Last Full Measure by Buckice

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So I found a few stories already I feel compelled to rec after being sucked into Gilmore Girls by the evil Netflix.

One, The Soundtrack series by Meags09, A collection of one-shots about Luke and Lorelai inspired by a song from that episode. I really enjoyed every single one of these, especially the last one. And the second to last one.  And..

Two, Messages by Vatrixta.  The summary reads "You've reached the Gilmore residence. Speak if you must.", and to me this shows the difference between her relationship with Christopher and her relationship with Luke. 

And Three, Spoons by Leli1013..   Summary: Five times Emily sees how close Rory is to Luke, and one time she accepts it.  This one really tugged at my heartstrings!

Now I am off !  If any of y'all have read in GG, please rec me a fic or two!


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Not sure why The Body Electric by Molly, aka Merry doesn't have a crap ton of kudos on it.  Maybe people haven't run into it there?  SG1 and the Clone!Team from Double Jeopardy.  Awesome little story!
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Started in on re-reading Synecdochic's Take These Broken Wings series  and had forgotten how utterly spellbinding I find her work.  I am bleary eyed, starting in on the 6th story and can't believe how deep she goes in on her characters and her plots.  That girl is a flat out wonder.

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So I'm now partway through a so far kickass story, Godless Provenance.  It's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ SG1 crossover, and I am loving it!  The author has a good handle on the smart assery of both Buffy and Jack, and all the characters are really ringing true.  I suspect I will be up way too late trying to finish this story and will look like the undead in the morning from not enough sleep, but I fear I cannot put this one down. It starts off at the end of the Glory story arc, with Buffy jumping off the scaffolding through the portal to her death, and finds herself emerging on the other side of a Stargate.  Hijinx ensue!
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Just re-read A Bedroom, Late Evening and am convinced that Paian is the best writer of love scenes in the history of EVER.  :-)

Holy cow. 

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So have any of y'all been watching the Xfiles reboot?  I have... I decided this evening to visit Ephemeral again and see what fic might be lurking, if any authors I might recognize from the past and saw a nice DashaK fic.  What a nice surprise!  Just as lovely as always.

What do you think of the new eps so far?  Anyone read any interesting fic?

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I normally go for the smutty stories first, but boy am I glad I decided to give this NCIS story a try!

Letters From Tony


Reading Tony's letters might tell us a lot about him and what he thinks of the team and the job.

It kept me up way past my bedtime, little insightful peeks into Tony's past and present through letters he's written.  I really loved this story, hope some of you will enjoy it as well!

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I don't know if any of you have read and loved the Seanan Mcguire Incryptid series as much as I have, but I happened across a couple fanworks based on that world featuring the aeslin mice.  Love them!
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Hey!  I just went peeking around on AO3's Force Awakened section and bumped into an author there I recognized.  So hey!  Fun little ficlet by Sabinelagrande...

minimum waste and maximum joy


Finn is somewhat underprepared. Poe is only trying to help.

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Read this hilarious line in a McShep AU today and it made me lol:

He has a crush. He has a big, ridiculous, hairy crush on the delivery guy – John. John the barely-clothed UPS man of doom. John the leg-flashing book handler of lewdness. John the scorching-hot, aviator-sunglasses-wearing strumpet.

Ah, I needed a good laugh today!
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Fanfic is a wonderful thing.  Where else can you read a phrase like this:

Nothing says, "I'm a free man," like a pair of slutty underwear, or so his reasoning went.

Protection by the Hoyden

Gibbs/DiNozzo, trust me, you will laugh.  Don't try to drink any hot beverages while you read this.

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Best 'someone gets turned into a cat' fic ever.  CheckmateVerse by Bead.  Every now and again I get a wild hair to reread this one.  While out on a mission through the stargate, John gets turned into a cat, and that's where the adventure begins!  If you need a smile today, this should do it.
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Phoenix Files by HarmMarie

I haven't yet mentioned how much I am enjoying this little series yet have I?  This is a series of short stories in which Clone!Jack has bumped into Spike and decided he still has something to contribute.  Can't wait to see what happens next!  SG1/BtVS.

Wesley is still *technically* the head of Angel Investigations, even while working for W&H.
Spike actually likes helping the helpless. And fighting demons. Can't forget that.
Jack just wants to have purpose again. To make a difference.

Together they are Phoenix Investigations.

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Something New by Threesquares (ie, Summersquares)

Love this!  Great look into a slow cracking of the shell around Gibbs' heart,  this gal sure can write the heck out of a story!

Summary:  Losing his memory, reliving his family's deaths, retiring, and returning, as well as some new arrivals in his life, have Gibbs taking a new look at his life and what he wants.  Starts in summer and ends at Christmas.

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